Looking for a Safer Way to Use Kitchen Knives?

We’ve got the perfect solution for protecting your hands.

Preparing and cooking your own food at home is a rewarding experience that is often much more cost-effective than ordering takeout, and usually healthier too. Unfortunately, cooking at home presents its own issues at times, and one of those is the risk you take when preparing food with knives.

Chopping, slicing, peeling, filleting -- all of these can be going perfectly fine until you have one minor slip-up that results in you cutting the wrong thing. Sometimes the result of that knife-slip can be much more than a minor incident, especially when it involves cutting your hand.

There are some ways you can minimize the risk. Freshly sharpened knives help reduce slippage. Placing a wet towel under your cutting board is helpful as well, but none of these actions protect your hands in the event that something goes wrong.

When it comes to protecting your hand from a knife, the only way to ensure complete protection is with specialized gloves that keep the knife from cutting your hand in the first place - dull blade or not.

Superior Hand Protection -Without Sacrificing Comfort and Grip

Our TruChef Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves are the perfect way to ensure that your at-home food preparation is never interrupted with a trip to the emergency room. Our gloves meet the strict EN388 standard for Level 5 cut resistance to protect your fingers from even the sharpest knives, giving you both security and peace of mind.

Each glove features a slim, comfortable fit that is available in three distinct sizes, so that you always have a superior level of both comfort and grip when working with all of your favorite knives, regardless of style and use. Everyone from moms to teens can use these gloves, ensuring a safe experience each time in the kitchen.

Are you left-handed? No worries! - the gloves are anti-cut, making them usable for either hand.

A Glove for Every Use

TruChef Cut-Resistant Gloves come in packs of three, in three separate colors. This not only gives you more than just the standard pair of gloves, but also allows you to designate each color for a different use, helping you avoid cross-contamination. For example: red for meats, green for fruits and vegetables, and yellow for whatever is left!

Need gloves for other household uses? The durable material and superior grip makes these gloves perfect to use around the home as well, making a variety of tasks much easier in the process.

Value and Performance with a Full Guarantee

Protects your hands in comfort while ensuring an enjoyable and safe kitchen experience each and every time. For just ($$$$), you can have your very own 3-pair set of cut-resistant gloves sent right to your home’s doorstep, ready to be used in the kitchen that day.

TruChef gloves come with a 100% money-back guarantee to protect you against workmanship and material defects, so you know that you can order with confidence. Get on your way to a safer and more enjoyable kitchen experience by clicking the order button now!

TruChef Cut-Resistant